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Can Natural Herbs Help Relieve Opiate Withdrawal?

There are many addicts who have recovered from opiate withdrawal who swear on the effectiveness of herbal therapy in easing the unpleasant physical and mental symptoms that are typically experienced during this period of recovery.

Herbs have natural substances that have various effects on the body that each help to counteract the effects of opiate withdrawal. The use of these natural herbs have reportedly increased the success of recovery and reduced the incidence of relapse during detox by easing the discomfort that many find otherwise unbearable. Unfortunately, what works for one does not necessarily work for all, so the efficacy of herbal therapy cannot be guaranteed for all who try it during their withdrawal.

Below is a list of natural herbs that are said to reduce the effects of opiate withdrawal. Here are some herbs that some recommend for relieving opiate withdrawal.


Kratom is probably the most recommended natural herb to use when going through withdrawal. This may be because Kratom contains alkaloids that affect how a person feels. hen chewed or ground into powder form, Kratom can produce opiate-like effects. The results vary for every person, some say the dose can be stimulating and for some it can be sedating.

Kratom can provide relief for your muscle aches and pains, chills and shakes, insomnia, drug cravings, and restlessness. It will also help you deal with your anxiety, stress, and low motivation that may trigger a relapse.

Kratom is not legal everywhere in the United States, so be sure to know your local laws before considering this. It also has been found to be addictive in its own right. Understand the risks before using.


Those who have recovered from withdrawal using phenibut have compared its effect to valium, ativian, and Xanax.  This will be a good natural herb to use for those recovering from pain killer addiction. There are many who attest to phenibut’s effectiveness especially in inducing a good and restful sleep that almost all addicts going through withdrawal badly need, and yet are unable to get due to the insomnia associated with withdrawal.

It also helps ease other withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, stress, retless leg syndrome, angst, as well as muscle and body aches. Phenibut is most effective when used in moderation. Be careful not to take the herb too often and always start with a low dosage.


This natural herb which originates from the jungles of Africa is a very powerful hallucinogenic root which has been scientifically proven to get rid of withdrawal symptoms completely and eliminate your opiate addiction in just 24 hours.

Regardless of the length of the addiction, Ibogaine can eliminate 100% of your withdrawal symptoms in just 24 hours. It is said to effectively eliminate any drug cravings and resets your body’s opiate receptors so that they no longer will be dependent on the use of opiates to function.

Take note that Ibogaine is not legal for use in the U.S. and some go to Canada or Mexico to get treatment. Ibogaine herbal therapy is quite extreme and may not be for everybody. If you have failed at several attempts to recover from your opiate addiction, then you might want to explore this option.