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Prescription Drug Addiction in the United States

It is unbelievable that the number of people dying due to addiction to prescription drugs doubles each year in the United States, and how this figure exceeds the number of deaths associated with the abuse of heroin and cocaine.  More and more families lose their loved ones to prescription drug abuse. Government agencies have finally recently started to declare this an epidemic.

In an effort to promote compassionate care, medical guidelines were issued encouraging physicians to prescribe pain medications to treat chronic pain. Even so, there has been an alarming rise in the number of people addicted to prescription pain meds as well as deaths resulting from its abuse.

The number of prescriptions issued for pain medications has shot up, and the cases of addiction has doubled. It is important to note that majority of the drugs that the US is hooked on were legitimately issued by a physician.

The misuse of prescription drugs has led to the dramatic rise in the number of painkiller addiction cases and it looks like the rising trend will not be changing soon.

Taking Action

Most people do not realize the dangers of prescription drugs because they were issued by a physician. Why would your doctor give you something that will harm you, right? When used properly, painkillers can definitely be effective, but their misuse can be very dangerous.

Because many physicians are failing to warn their patients of the dangers, it is very important to be aware of how we can each do our share in preventing painkiller addiction in our own homes and in our community.

  • Proper disposal. Disposing of unused prescription meds will reduce the risk of drug diversion and having the painkillers fall into the hands of those who can easily get addicted to them or those who are already suffering from the addiction. Learn how to dispose of prescription drug properly and help in keeping your home and community addiction-free.
  • Proper education. Parents are advised to educate their kids about the dangers of prescription drug addiction and make them aware of its proper use and disposal.
  • Proper treatment. Make sure to encourage and help loved ones who are addicted to prescription drugs to seek treatment as soon as possible. Many are struggling with prescription drug addiction and sometimes the support of a loved one may be just what they need to help them recover and seek treatment.

The government currently has a Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Plan in place and combining their program with our efforts will certainly help bring down the number of people abusing prescription drugs. Having the proper education, proper monitoring of treatment, proper drug disposal, and effective drug enforcement will hopefully be what the US needs to save the lives of those addicted to prescription drugs and help them start over.